Mike Whitfield’s Workout Finishers Review

Okay – So Mike Whitfield Reckons He’s Created The ‘Done-For-You’ System That’ll See The End To Weight Loss Plateau!  This We’ve Got To See, Because If It Works…

image2 Workout Finishers Review   Does Mike Whitfields Program Work?You know, there are so many workout and fat loss programs on the market that it becomes easy to dismiss new ones as just more of the same old, same old.  So, we’re doing our best to put aside our cynicism when we see that fitness trainer, Mike Whitfield (who used to sport a 46” waist and wore XXXL clothes) is promoting his done-for-you system that will see you losing the lard without losing the muscle.

So, for the low down and dirty inside story on whether Workout Finishes is a saint or sinner, read on to find out our results.

What do you get for your money?

D’you know, somehow it’s just more credible to take advice on weight loss and fitness from a person who genuinely used to wobble when they walked!  After all, when you’re desperate to lose weight and all you see is people with perfect bodies telling you what to do, it kinda makes it hard to swallow.

package Workout Finishers Review   Does Mike Whitfields Program Work?And Mike is very honest about how overweight and unfit he used to be, along with being frank about how he came to let himself become this way.  So, let’s see what the Workout Finishers actually consists of.

  • Component #1 – The 40 Workout Finishers Manual.  This consists of, yep – you guessed it – 40 interval and finisher techniques specifically designed to bust through those fat cells with the minimum amount of time.  Plus, you also get detailed information about why these work as well as they do.
  • Component #2 – The “Torch” Fat Loss Program.  A four week program specifically designed to be complimentary to the 40 Workout Finishers manual.  This provides you with exact information on reps, intensity and each part of the program – including video walk-thru instruction.
  • Component #3 – Workout Training Log.  Does exactly what it says in the title!
  • Component #4 – Workout Finishers Exercise Library.  A video walk-thru showing you the exact technique of every exercise in the program.
  • Component #5 – The Simplified Nutrition Plan – because no weight and fat loss program is complete without simple, nutritional advice.

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Who is it for?

When you first look at Workout Finishers you get the impression that it’s simply for those who’re already pretty fit, but have reached that awful ‘plateau’ stage where you just can’t lose those last few pounds!  You know, that ‘what the hell else do I have to do to be able to fit back into those pants’ frustration that you feel like screaming as you add another mile onto your treadmill run.

But actually,  Workout Finishers offers advantages to people of all levels of fitness.  And that means couch potatoes right up to those who are trying to drop those last few pounds without risking their hard-earned muscle tone.  Both men and women, young and old.  This is because with every Finisher exercise, there’s also an easier version.  And you can also combine the two together to really personalize your workout plan.

Plus – and this is quite unique with such an exercise plan, Workout Finishers is something that fitness trainers can also take advantage of, because once you’ve got this ‘done-for-you’ system down pat, you can use it to get the same outstanding results with your clients.

Who is Mike Whitfield?

beforeAfter Workout Finishers Review   Does Mike Whitfields Program Work?Mike Whitfield is a certified fitness trainer who is not ashamed to admit that he used to be extremely overweight and unfit.  In fact, this is probably a huge advantage, because he’s got first-hand knowledge of the pain, hardship and sheer humiliation necessary to go from being fat and flabby, to gaining the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Champion of ‘short, sharp workouts,’ Mike is regularly featured on various fitness blogs, including Turbulence Training, Times Union, Men’s Health and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

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The Pros

  • One thing that’s going to get a lot of people stoked about Workout Finishers is the length of the exercises.  Not one for slogging out on hours of cardio per week, Mike’s Workout Finishers is all about targeting the muscle groups in short, intense bursts.  The result?  Fat loss in the shortest possible workout time – which is surely an advantage in anyone’s book.
  • The video walk-thru of each exercise is a great plus.  Because whilst pictures and text are great, you can’t beat actually being able to see the technique with your own eyes.
  • The nutrition part of the program is truly simple to understand.  Loads of information condensed into exactly what you need to know, with no need to have a PhD in nutrition to understand it.
  • You don’t have to give up any of your favorite workouts to gain the advantage of Workout Finishers.  Because, exactly as the name suggests, these are exercises you do to finish off your workout – and that boost your metabolism considerably over the following 24 hours or longer.
  • A massive 60 day, no quibble money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product.

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The Cons

  • Well – much as we’d love to say that Workout Finishers is a miracle cure to fat loss, we’re afraid it’s not so.  (But when we find that, we’ll be sure to let you know – from the deck of our million dollar yacht, of course!).  So, if you want to drop the pounds, you’ve gotta put in the effort – it’s a simple matter of physics.
  • Much as this is being marketed as a ‘done-for-you’ program, what Workout Finishers can’t provide you with is motivation.  You have to bring that along yourself.  But, and this is true for most people, once you see the fat start to diminish, that gives you all the motivation that you’ll ever need (and if it doesn’t, then you probably didn’t really want to get fit anyway).

The Bottom Line

Well, we’ve gotta hand it to Mike – because Workout Finishers does exactly what it says on the label.  Sure – it’s hard work.  Sure – you need to be committed.  But as a great addition to your current fitness regime, this is one program that certainly gets the thumbs up from us.  And, as an added bonus, the science behind the Workout Finishers technique is likely to see you changing more of your workout for the better.  After all, who honestly wants to be running that treadmill for one second longer than they need to?  And once you get your head around exactly why Workout Finishers is so effective, here’s betting that your whole attitude to fitness gets a makeover.

Well done, Mike!

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Workout Finishers For Fat Loss Workouts

A lot of people, or maybe even everyone on this planet wants to have that awesome looking body; a lean and fit body and with sculpted abs to go with those finely cut biceps. Everyone wants this but of course not everyone believes that they can have it. The truth is everyone can get the body that they want; they just have to use the right muscle and fat loss workout and with these workouts the right workout finishers should also be used for better results.

What are Workout Finishers?

Workout finishers are basically defined as those exercises that people to in the end of a workout; you may even call them the workouts to end regular workouts with a bang. The reason why people do such things is because of just that, they want to end their workouts with a big one. Some people do this because they want to feel that their workouts are actually taking its effect while others just want to increase the intensity therefore increasing the results.tbf %20slideboard%20pro2 Use The Right Workout Finishers For Your Fat Loss Workout

There are a lot of workout finishers out there that may be used after a fat loss workout and some examples of these are slide board intervals, bar push-ups, drop bench shoulder presses and much more. Using these workouts as a way to end a workout session usually guarantees better results.

The first recommended workout is to do slide board intervals after a long day of leg work. A long day of leg work basically means that for that workout session you mostly trained your legs. This requires you to slide side-to-side as fast as you can for 20-30 seconds with 4 sets; you will of course rest for 45-60 seconds before each set. Be sure to keep legs down and your chest out to get the maximum effect on your legs. This workout will increase the muscle mass in your legs, back and even in your abdomen. Do not attempt to try and make this workout easier by doing little cheat moves because that will lessen the effect of the workout.

The next is to do some bar push-ups; this is very effective after a long day of doing your arms. As stated in the previous paragraph this means that your workout session was mainly focused on your arms. To do this properly you have to set 2.5-5 pound plates on the floor and to place a bar on top of them so that the bar is secured and it won’t move or budge. Then hold on to the bar and do around 20 push-ups with 3-4 sets while resting as long as you need in between sets. You have to keep in mind that when doing the push-ups your chest has to touch the bar when descending and your elbows have to be completely stretched out when ascending. You also have to keep your back and legs straight; your butt should not point up. If you cannot complete the set you can drop to your knees to finish. This exercise is guaranteed to work out your chest, back and arms.

The next suggested workout finisher is to do shoulder presses. This is best done after a long day of pressing and of course as stated before your workout session should have been mostly made up of presses such as the bench press. To do this workout you set an adjustable bench to 90 degrees and then you should do around 8 repetitions and then lower the bench by just one hole and do another 8 reps. Your rest should only come from the moments when you adjust the bench so be sure to pick the right weights. You should adjust the bench 5 times; if your bench has more holes then choose only 5 with the last hole making the bench completely flat. After that set start out with the bench being flat and work your way into the 90 degree angle.

You will notice that finishers that focus on a specific muscle group are done after a workout session that was also focused on that muscle group; this again increases the intensity of the workout session as stated before. After doing workout finishers be sure to cool down properly and to not force yourself into working out too much.

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